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All About Political Lizard

A Musical Beginning

Political Lizard, started by Caleb Waldvogel and Jenna Olson first entered the music scene in May, 2018. Beginning to write and perform music at local venues soon created quite a buzz in Grand Rapids and beyond. In the summer of 2018, after only four months of being together, Political Lizard joined The Accidentals on a tour of Northern Michigan. In Fall of 2018 John Bomer (multi-instrumentalist) and Miles Ferguson (drummer) joined the band, transitioning the sound from acoustic folk to indie/ folk rock. In February 2019, Political Lizard released their debut album "Joy the Dog" (available for streaming everywhere). Political Lizard continues to tour, growing their fanbase and sharing the sounds of passion, sadness, and more.


Meet the Members

Caleb Waldvogel

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Caleb Waldvogel is a guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter from Rockford, MI. He found a home in the Michigan music scene at the age of 13. Since then he has played in a breadth of bands including The Great Indoors, Sparkplug, and Hyser. His relationship towards music has consisted of a furrowed passion and a dedicated outlook towards the future of Political Lizard. His musical influences are Hop Along, Conner Oberst, and David Bowie.

Jenna Olson

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Jenna Olson is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and songwriter from Rockford, MI. She has been writing and performing around Michigan since she was twelve. She has played in several bands and recently graduated High School, allowing her to pursue music full-time. She is passionate about women's rights and equal opportunities for women, especially in the music industry. Her musical influences are Phoebe Bridgers, Julia Jacklin, and Carseat Head Rest.

John Bomer


John Bomer is a multi-instrumentalist from Rockford, MI. He has been playing music in the Grand Rapids music scene for several years of his life, most noteably playing with Caleb and Miles in the Great Indoors. After a two year stint at Alma College, he moved back home and began playing bass, guitar, and keys with Political Lizard. His musical influences include sufjan Stevens, Big Thief, and Modest Mouse. 

(Secret tip): John and Miles also have an electronic side project called Michirado!

Miles Ferguson

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Miles Ferguson is a drummer/percussiniast from Grand Rapids, MI. Alongside playing in bands throughout highschool, he took part in marching arts with groups like Genesis Percussion and Phantom Regiment. He is currently persuing a Bachelors degree in film, but he hopes to make music with Political Lizard as his career. His musical influences are Radio Head, Modest Mouse, and Paramore.